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Welcome to the Rāja Yoga School, where you can develop yourself at your own pace, at your own level.


The Rāja Yoga School offers the opportunity to become acquainted with the traditional Hatha and Rāja Yoga. If you want to deepen your knowledge of Yoga theory and practice and thus get more peace and control over your life, this course is for you.


The aim of the course is that you learn to be an independent Yogi or Yogini and thus eventually become the master of your own life, so that you are no longer dependent on the teacher or a gym to do exercises and relax. That may be nice, but it will not solve anything structurally. For that you simply need more knowledge.


In the Yoga circuit there are still many misconceptions about the function of the Asanas (postures). Too often they are still used exclusively to improve the body; for relaxation, to lose weight, to become strong or supple. This is an incorrect approach and has little to do with real Yoga. The physical benefits of Yoga are the consequences of the correct execution of the postures but not the main goal. They are, of course, a nice bonus: mastering life, and getting a beautiful and healthy body at the same time!


The importance of the Asanas is undeniable according to the ancient scriptures. Performing regularly and holding postures for longer provides strength and flexibility. This allows one to stay in meditation longer and eventually reach the main goal of Yoga, which is enlightenment.


At the Rāja Yoga School it is possible to receive valuable lessons that are in line with the complete teachings. With a gentle and honest approach, we will consider your condition and get to work. In a calm and playful way, with undivided attention for you, you will soon notice that your health is improving in leaps and bounds!


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