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The Rāja Yoga school offers three courses. The first course serves as a solid foundation for both beginner and experienced yoga practitioners. After completing, you can progress to course two and three to further develop your practice and understanding.


Classes take place at the Rāja Yoga school in Amsterdam. Currently only online classes are available. For more information about the content, structure and rates of the course, visit the corresponding pages in the drop down menu.


It is also possible to organize courses for larger groups if you have a suitable location available. In that case, the compensation will be adjusted to your circumstances. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss the possibilities.


Recommendations for admission:

1. Age: minimum 18 years.

2. Be in reasonably good health.

3. Willing to gradually switch to vegetarian food and drink less alcohol, get more rest.

4. Be free from serious addictions.

5. Strive to possess the virtues of moderation, sacrifice, control of thoughts and emotions, detachment, tolerance, and chastity (meaning a healthy experience of sexuality).

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