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Yoga for You?

Anyone can practice Yoga, including you. All you need is the will to do so. You don't have to be young, flexible or strong. The systematic, ancient system and practice over time take care of everything. You follow your own pace, within your specific possibilities. Your teacher Wesley (Rāma) will help to respond to questions or problems.


The content of the lessons may be based on traditional theory, but the method is mainly practical and contains many exercises. Of course, growth is only possible if there is personal freedom and autonomous decision-making. The atmosphere in the lessons is therefore open, calm, playful, and sometimes challenging to promote inner growth.


The combination of this content and approach has direct consequences: your body becomes purer, healthier and stronger, your complaints and ailments recede, and the quality of your concentration improves. These consequences are completely in accordance with the original Yoga scriptures.


The implemented practice is also supported by theory. You will be offered many in-depth and interesting insights from the ancient Yoga scriptures that are applicable in everyday life.


The Yoga system indicates through rightful observation that the natural processes in our environment can also be found in people themselves. Because people and nature are not contradictory but equal to each other, it cannot be otherwise that if you rediscover these processes in yourself, you will become healthier, happier and calmer.


Balancing the different elements of your being leads to proper alignment, or "line of least resistance". It is clear that a greater flow takes place within you. This great flow or connection is called Yoga, or unification. Then Yoga is no longer a rigid discipline or simply an hour of body postures, but a living and fascinating process of becoming whole.


Have you become interested?

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