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Hatha Yoga Course II

This course is for those who would like to continue in their self-development. In part 2 you will not only learn physical postures and detachment, but you will also be initiated into the secrets of energy management (steps 4 and 5).

Participation in this course is only possible after completing part 1.


The class is divided as follows:

  • 90 minutes: physical postures (Asanas).

  • 15 minutes: a purification exercise for the body (Kriya) and / or an energy management exercise (Pranayama)

  • 75 minutes: theory (Prana, Chakra, Pratyahara)

Duration: 14 weeks

Weekly class of 3 hours 

Rates: € 1.680, - (private class)

Payment in installments is possible




The following topics are covered during this course:


  • Prana: theory of energy

  • Kriya: energy management exercises aimed at physical purification

  • Pranayama: energy management exercises targeting the subtle energies

  • Pratyahara (detachment): as a healthy person you become more sensitive through the preceding exercises. Learning to withdraw or detach thus becomes necessary to maintain emotional and mental balance. You will learn how to efficiently let go where necessary.

  • Chakra: theory

  • Asana: physical postures

  • Subtle anatomy: deepening

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