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Corporate Yoga

Yoga for businesses and enterprises is booming in popularity. The benefits of Yoga in the workplace are now recognized: employees experience less stress and more balance. They can concentrate more easily, report sick less often, and experience a better working atmosphere among colleagues.


A retreat of 5 days or a course of 12 weeks is therefore also a perfect avenue for team building where results are not only achieved for each individual, but for the entire company. Our proven Hatha Yoga Courses for companies allow your employees to discover a different way of working together. Balance and harmony are implemented in daily actions, resulting in a healthier work environment and increased productivity. 


We offer the possibility of a 12 week course or a 5 day intensive retreat for you and your employees with a schedule that suits you best. This also includes weekends, so that your business downtime is minimized. The teaching material offered is the same as the Hatha Yoga Course I.

Conditions: minimum 5 and maximum 30 participants

Contact us to discuss the possibilities related to location and price. 

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