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Privacy Statement

This privacy statement applies too all services provided by the Raja Yoga School.

It is our properly social obligation to respect the privacy of our clients, suppliers and customers

We wish to offer focused and personal information, and therefore we sometimes need personal information. Herein we follow the AVG, the laws and regulations that applies on the usage of personal data. Online services must be transparent and reliable.

Personal data are all data that identify a person as an individual.

These are; name, adres, date of birth, bank account number, phone number, e-mailadres, and so on. Also the IP-adres that some plugins like Google use, falls under the term Personal data. 

Dealing with personal data:


1.To prepare tenders and invoices or to purchase services / products, we need address details and / or e-mail address. To send a possible newsletter, we need name and e-mail address.

2. We only use the provided personal data for the specific purposes for which they have been provided.


3. We never sell personal data to third parties, nor do we give them away against reciprocal services. Personal data provided to us remain with us.


4. Occasionally we can not be of service but we do know colleagues or colleagues who can help. In that case, we ask permission to pass e-mail address and / or telephone number to the relevant professional.


5. We do not retain personal data for longer than necessary, unless there is a statutory duty that requires us to keep personal data longer. E-mail addresses of people who unsubscribe from the newsletter will be deleted after 4 weeks. 

Address details of quotations and invoices and order confirmations are not included in a database. Invoices and quotations are stored electronically under the statutory term of 7 years. In a number of cases, e-mail exchanges are also saved in order to be able to read back (work) agreements.

6. I do everything to protect personal data as well as possible against unauthorized access, loss or theft. Personal data is stored on a PC with real-time virus and malware protection. Data for a possible newsletter are stored within the newsletter software and protected by anti-hack software.

7. AVG gives the customers, suppliers and client the right to view, modify, block or remove personal data within the rules of Dutch legislation.

Comments / questions about this privacy statement or personal data? Contact us at

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