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My name is Rāma (Wesley Heijt), former student at the Rāja Yoga Institute in Ilpendam. There I followed 6 years of a 7-year study course in the complete, ancient and classical Yoga science, according to the eight-fold path to liberation from Patañjali.

From an early age, I was on a search for a missing factor in my life that I did not yet know how to identify. This search for meaning brought me to Yoga. Since then I have come to understand a lot more about how life works, how to regain control of my emotions and senses, and as a result my life feels increasingly peaceful.

The teachings and practices that I received from my teacher, Śri Yogācārya Ajīta Mahārāja, have had the transformative effect on me that I was looking for. A series of significant dreams and visions then made my path clear and indicated that it was time to start teaching. Since 2017 I see it as my mission to share the very valuable knowledge of Yoga and to rectify the misconceptions and false assumptions that have arisen about this ancient knowledge system.

I was personally trained as a Master by Ajīta, and have the knowledge and authority to teach these lessons.


Since October 2021 I have been acknowledged and certified as a Yoga Teacher by the International Yoga Federation.


I look forward to meeting and sharing the science of Yoga with you.

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