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"This course has resonated deeply with myself – it is actually a course on life! The practices and teachings, stemming from the root of yoga, embrace all aspects of both the human experience and spirituality, serving as a guide to live in purity and alignment to the true values of the soul. It has produced a total change of understanding of the functioning of my body and the control of energy while consolidating my moral principles to live in true unity.


Being both humble and assertive, Wesley has a gift to explain highly complicated concepts. 

He is an incredibly wise teacher who knows when to bring his playful side out, always approachable, respectful and kind. By being a Teacher, he is truly living his purpose – he will guide you, both confidently and gently, towards the path of clarity, inner wisdom and peace."

Nicole, January 2021

My wife and I were invited to join the Raja Yoga School by a mysterious man. At first I was a bit sceptical, but after some time, synchronicities started to work in a way that it made a lot of sense to start attending the course.


In the first lesson I already understood and connected to the power of Raja Yoga, these ancient teachings that are completely applicable to today's way of life. I was amazed by how Wesley weaved the knowledge into our day to day making it simple to understand and easy to apply.


I have to admit that the asanas are a bit challenging to me, but luckily Wesley with his careful and playful approach helped me to face them at my own pace, and this has built the confidence that I needed to be able to feel them and gradually improve my physical practice.


Raja Yoga gave me the tools to see life in a different way, inviting peace into my soul.

Juan, January 2021

"Wesley's gift as a teacher and yogi is the delightful way masculinity shows up in his style. Women don't get to be around this positive side of yang energy enough- and we crave it. It's playful and so we, (being more yin) can relate. Its strong, yet we're in no fear of being hurt or shamed for our femininity. We can let our defenses down. This is an unusual experience. His gentleness, soothing voice and patience is almost paternal. It was pleasant to feel 'held' by his intention and enthusiasm the entire class. The ability to lead (respectful) without domineering (violent) is hard to find in male teachers especially, I find. There is the hierarchy of master/student, which we accept. The other subtexts, (male/female, new vs. experienced, scholarship vs. patron, etc.) are layers we bring with our bodies and egos. And while Wesley adds the yang to this, his gentleness and patience is really more paternal, in a respectful, not patronizing way."


Lee Mozena, 200RYT 13 juni 2018

"Mijn ervaring met yoga was vrij oppervlakkig; in een buurthuis met een aantal vrouwen de zonnegroet doen. Het prikkelde wel mijn interesse en ik ging op zoek naar iets meer. Blind zoekend op Google werd ik aangetrokken tot raja yoga, en wel de lessen van Wesley Heijt. Al bij het orientatie gesprek voelde ik dat ik bij Wesley aan het juiste adres was. Dit is dus ook gebleken.

Stappend in een voor mij totaal nieuwe wereld, leidde hij mij op een professionele en toch zeer warme manier naar een pad dat zo duidelijk de weg blijkt te zijn die ik zocht. Elke dag in mijn yoga beleving dank ik dan ook "HET" dat Wesley in mijn leven is verschenen. Maar even zonder te zweverig te klinken: hij is een topgozer en een zeer goede leermeester. Namaste"

Harold Kneppers, 20 maart 2021

"I have experienced Wesley's lessons as very educational. While I thought I knew quite a bit with my years of experience with Yoga, it was only in his lessons that I found out how to really perform the different asanas. There was a lot of room for individual instruction and corrections. Wesley manages to transform the theory from "tough" to comprehensible. In the lessons he ensured a safe climate, which also created space for beautiful, vulnerable conversations in the group. In short, a must for anyone who wants to start with Yoga, or who wants to learn more! "

Marloes Overvliet, 15 Jan 2018

"In search of peace and balance, I started the Hatha Yoga course from Wesley Heijt. I got more than I was looking for, namely a manual for a better life, a better body and a better world. Wesley is the guide that takes you on a path that will be followed with a smile, his recommendation is: “play with it, dance with it.” You enter a nonviolent process, at your own pace. Without ego and without the urge to perform, move towards greater consciousness. experience and can wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who wants to discover a better version of themselves. "

Bibi de Zwart, huisarts, 22 dec 2017

After my Mindful training at Metsteen, I became increasingly aware of the fact that body and mind do work together. I was therefore looking for a form of Yoga where I would get to know my body better. Christine (van Metsteen) pointed me to Wesley's Yoga classes. And how good she felt to me.


Because Yoga exercises alone are not enough for me. I learned a lot from Wesley about life and what we actually do here on earth and what we can control through body control and knowledge.


Wesley has made me a fuller and richer person with even more confidence. I also look at situations that may seem a bit more difficult and I am softer and less judgmental towards myself. Maybe not your average review, but I thought this was important to pass on to anyone who chooses Hatha and Raja Yoga. So if you want that little bit more than just some exercises, I would definitely recommend Wesley.



Lucie Zwiers, 24 januari  2018

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