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Hatha Yoga Course I

This course is designed for those who seek self-development. It is suitable both for beginners and experienced Yoga practitioners. This Basic Course offers you a thorough training in the first 3 steps of Yoga. You will not only learn the proper physical approaches but also moral principles and ideals.


Better health, a longer life, and greater rest are the result. Discover for yourself how slim, supple, and strong you can become with this ancient and proven system. Its gentle and friendly approach makes it suitable for everyone.


The class is divided as follows:


  • 90 minutes: physical postures (Asanas).

  • 90 minutes: theory (Yamas and Niyamas)


Duration: 12 weeks

Weekly class of 3 hours 


Rates: € 1.800, - (private class)

Payment in installments is possible




The following topics are covered during this course:


  • Moral Principles (Yama)

    • Violence (Ahimsa)

    • Truthfulness (Satya)

    • Honesty (Asteya)

    • Chastity (Brahmacarya)

    • Non-Desire (Aparigraha)


First of all, you stop to examine your existing habits and conditioning in the area of ​​violence, lies, theft, unchastity and desire. This enables greater rest.

  • Moral Ideals (Niyama)

    • Purity (Śaucha)

    • Satisfaction (Santosha)

    • Sobriety (Tapas)

    • Self Study (Svadhyaya)

    • Surrender (Ishvara Pranidhana)

Subsequently, we aim to lay a solid foundation in our being by understanding the meaning of purity, satisfaction, purpose, self-study and surrender to the supreme.

  • Asana

Undoubtedly, these qualities come from proper practice of physical postures: health, flexibility, and strength. The starting points for this are steps 1 and 2



  • Subtle anatomy

We are not just a physical body. Everyone knows that we also have thoughts, emotions, and intuition, but no one has been able to explain clearly how these aspects of energy fit together. No one is aware of the exact relationship of mind and matter. Ajita has been getting clarity on these life principles bit by bit, in a wonderful way. The information flow started in April 1987 because he wanted to know what the relationship was between energy bodies and chakras. Before the course starts you will receive a digital version of this very valuable spiritual knowledge.

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